Image Credit: Allen Mozo, 2000

Image Credit: Allen Mozo, 2000

From Jon's personal journal dated April 30, 2004:

What is an Artist?

"I am a Visual and Spiritual Artist. Aren't we all? Our style, approach, our medium of living life - the ultimate canvas. Our eyes capture scenes of life and process them with emotion and thoughts, texture and color. What do we communicate? How do we influence? Do we sign our work like a traditional artist?

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Jon Mozo

Jon was a well-respected and loved photographer and family man. He lived every day with an incredible passion that transcended into every aspect of his life. Jon's most captivating works reveal his profound understanding of the ocean and the deep sense of humility and respect he felt towards it.

Jon often risked his life to capture compelling images of nature's most powerful art form- the ocean. On Wednesday, February 9, 2005 Jon suffered fatal head injuries while photographing at one of his favorite spots, Backdoor Pipeline.

The impression Jon left as an artist and as a person continues to inspire people to be more loving, more engaged and more conscious of the beauty in and around us.

Jon's life and legacy survives through his brothers- Allen, Chris and Carlos, his mother- Julia, his son Makana, his daughters- Amber, Yani, Anela, and his wife Nikki. As an Ohana we commit to following Jon's example by leaving this earth richer than we found it. The Mozo Collection is a conglomeration of images, words and songs from Jon and his family, each an artist in their own way.

Jon's legacy can also be found in you. As the artist of your own life,

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